Red Hat pledges patent protection for 99 per cent of FOSS-ware

Fri, 2017-09-22 07:29
Company has trove of 2,000 patents and won't enforce any of them if you licence right

Red Hat says it has amassed over 2,000 patents and won't enforce them if the technologies they describe are used in properly-licensed open source software.…

Ah, good ol' Windows update cycles... Wait, before anything else, check your hardware

Thu, 2017-09-21 16:16
Intel and Microsoft have been working together to ease the pain

Sponsored  Windows 10 means a major shift in how IT operations should perceive and manage Windows and their hardware estate. The most significant is the move away from Big Bang version launches in favour of a subscription model with much more frequent updates.…

Behold iOS 11, an entirely new computer platform from Apple

Wed, 2017-09-20 17:29
It's a massive and ambitious upgrade for iPads, but older hardware can't cut it

Review  After years of complacency – and falling sales – Apple has transformed the iPad into something it should have been from the start: a proper computer.…

More are paying to stream music, but YouTube still holds the value gap

Wed, 2017-09-20 15:23
Demand's there; compensating artists is another issue

With Google's user-generated content loophole firmly in lawmaker's sights, global music trade body IFPI has published new research looking at demand for music streaming.…

Google Cloud's API knows the sort of thing you like to look at

Wed, 2017-09-20 11:50
And now has 'entity' sentiment analysis

Google Cloud's Natural Language API has become a bit more, er, insightful: it can now sort content into 700 different categories, such as Health, Hobbies & Leisure and Law & Government.…

Chap tames Slack by piping it into Emacs

Wed, 2017-09-20 06:44
And then filtering out all the stuff he doesn't need to read

Emacs enthusiast Artur Malabarba has put the text editor to work taming Slack.…

macOS High Sierra more like 'Cry Sierra' for Mac-wielding beta testers

Wed, 2017-09-20 01:03
Early issues arise with new version of OS X 10.13

Apple's next version of the macOS, High Sierra, aka 10.13, is due for general release next week, and users running the beta have already noticed a pair of issues that could cloud the rollout.…

Stack Overflow + Salary Calculator = your worth

Tue, 2017-09-19 14:01
In case you were wondering what Git, SQL and JS skills will get you, new online tool measures your value

Developers may be no more curious about salaries than any other set of workers, but their high degree of variation in terms of education, skillset and experience – not to mention the often ill-defined nature of their work – gives them ample reason to be curious about pay among their peers.…

Black screen of death after Win10 update? Microsoft blames HP

Tue, 2017-09-19 11:14
OEM factory images create 'incorrect registry keys'

Microsoft is pointing the finger of blame at HP's factory image for black screens of death appearing after a Windows Update.…

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange issues for users across Europe

Mon, 2017-09-18 11:04
Expect problems and delays

Microsoft customers across Europe are reporting problems connecting to Exchange Online, including an inability to connect as well as time lags.…

Linux 4.14 'getting very core new functionality' says Linus Torvalds

Mon, 2017-09-18 01:25
Memory management wonks, this release is for you. And also you Hyper-V admins

Linus Torvalds has unsentimentally loosed release candidate one of Linux 4.14 a day before the 26th anniversary of the Linux-0.01 release, and told penguinistas to expect a few big changes this time around.…

Google to kill Chrome autoplay madness

Fri, 2017-09-15 21:17
Sorta, kinda, well not really

Google has promised to end the infuriating autoplay of videos in its Chrome browser – but with a heap of exceptions that may actually make the problem worse.…

HP users moaning over 10-minute login lag during 'Win 10 update'

Fri, 2017-09-15 19:21
Like watching a black screen dry (literally)

A number of HP Inc device owners are complaining of seeing black screens for around five to 10 minutes after entering their Windows login information.…

Python explosion blamed on pandas

Thu, 2017-09-14 21:02
Data science fad just won't die

Not content to bait developers by declaring that Python is the fastest-growing major programming language, coding community site Stack Overflow has revealed the reason for its metastasis.…

Unloved Microsoft Edge is much improved – but will anyone use it?

Thu, 2017-09-14 15:26
We saw what you did there, Windows 10 web browser bods

Microsoft held its Edge Web Summit on 13 September, announcing that the web browser now has “330 million active devices”, just over two years since its launch with Windows 10 in July 2015. The stat was explained as devices where someone actively uses Edge during the course of a month.…

Windows 10 Creators Update will add app-level privacy controls

Thu, 2017-09-14 02:16
Enterprises can lock down Telemetry a little more

Microsoft's taken another small step towards addressing those worried about Windows 10's impact on their privacy by adding more controls over what apps can do in the Creators Update of the OS.…

Get out your specs: Java EE's headed to the Eclipse Foundation

Wed, 2017-09-13 16:01
Yes, we meant specifications... and think up a name, would you?

Oracle has named the Eclipse Foundation as the new host for Java Enterprise Edition, but said the platform won’t get to keep its name.…

Slack re-invents the extranet and shared Notes databases with cross-company teams

Wed, 2017-09-13 02:55
Everything hip is new again

Slack has re-invented some stuff Lotus Notes did 20 years ago and declared it will make you more productive.…

Government lab that gives a crap pushes open source

Wed, 2017-09-13 01:26
Boffins reveal code for turning cow pies into cash

The US government wants you to use its software, and if you're into manure, so much the better.…

Linus Torvalds' lifestyle tips for hackers: be like me, work in a bathrobe, no showers before noon

Tue, 2017-09-12 08:28
Also be curious and constructive by working on Linux instead of breaking it

Linux Lord Linus Torvalds has offered some lifestyle advice for hackers, suggesting they adopt his admittedly-unglamorous lifestyle but also his ethos of working on things that matter.…